Personal Support Scheme

Our Policy

The Northern Ireland Police Fund recognises the importance of assisting in the provision of on-going care for its clients; seeking to support them in their continued, active participation in their family and community life. Our aim is to do this by focussing on providing support within the home environment.

The Fund has an increasingly disabled, disadvantaged, vulnerable and aging client base. Directed by its mission statement of ‘alleviating suffering resulting from terrorist attacks on police families by providing continuing support for them and their families’, the Fund has accepted a policy aimed at enabling clients to stay in their homes longer, whilst enjoying a quality of life and social interaction which might not be otherwise possible. Therefore the Fund has developed a Personal Support Scheme to address issues which may prevent or deter clients from enjoying a deserved and reasonable quality of life.

The Fund will provide support to those clients who need and would benefit from additional home help services, befriending, care provision, assistance with cleaning, gardening or shopping and access to special transport where public services are inadequate or inappropriate. It must be appreciated that this support is to supplement and not replace existing statutory and voluntary services.

We believe that support offered by the Fund should be more than just financial; limited to the goods and services which can be bought from commercial or retail businesses. This scheme involves support visits offered by our Assessment Team and, through them, considers how best to help those experiencing social isolation whether through physical, psychological or financial reasons.


In order to be eligible to benefit from the personal support scheme you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a client of the Fund.
  • You must demonstrate a need for one of the services covered by the scheme.
  • You must be unable financially to provide the service for which you are seeking assistance.

Information which you must provide

You must use the correct application form. You need to provide all of the information requested in order that we can process your application. Please do not be concerned if you are not used to filling in applications or if you don’t fully understand what is being asked of you. You can ring one of our Assessment Team and they will help talk you through what is required. They can also call out to you in your home, if you would find this more helpful. The details on how to contact the Team or arrange for a visit or at the back of the application form.

When making an application you will have to:

  • Provide details of your income. This includes any benefits and interest from investments.
  • Give a breakdown of your outgoings, e.g. costs of heat, rent, rates, food.
  • Identify the service or work which you need and the period for which it is required.
  • Provide quotations from suppliers. The quotations must be on letter headed paper, detailing the supplier’s address and contact telephone number.

Here are some examples of the type of services which you may need and the quotations required to support your application.

  • You need to order a taxi which can cater for a wheelchair to take you to an event or appointment. You should ask a number of local taxi firms for quotations and submit these with your application.
  • You may need a gardener to cut your grass and trim hedging a certain number of times each year. You should provide quotations from local gardeners or gardening services outlining the cost of this service.
  • You may need help to clean your house or provide other housework services which

How your application will be assessed

When your application is received by the Fund, it will firstly be considered by an Assessment Officer. The Assessment Officer will check that you are an eligible client of the Fund. This is the key criteria in all cases, as the NIPF can only provide support to eligible clients of the Fund.

The Assessment Officer will then consider whether all the required information has been provided, taking particular note to ensure that quotations have been attached and that financial details are complete. If all is in order the Assessment Officer will forward your application to the Chief Executive for consideration.

The Chief Executive will consider your application against the Fund’s policy of supporting and enabling clients to improve their quality of life at home, combat social isolation and promote community involvement. If he is satisfied that your application meets the set criteria and is in line with Fund policy he will write to you within 5 working days of his consideration of your application and will make you an offer of support. This offer may specify additional conditions which you must meet.
You will be asked to agree to the terms of the offer. Where you notify the Fund that you agree to accept the award, the agreed award will be paid into your account.

Where the Chief Executive decides that your application does not warrant support he will write you within 10 working days of consideration and set out his reasoning.

Where the Chief Executive has any doubt or believes that there is something novel or unusual in the application, he can refer it for final consideration by a Case Conference.

The maximum grant payable under this Scheme in any single financial year is £1500.00

Receipts must be provided for all grants awarded in line with the Terms and Conditions stipulated in the Fund Letter of Offer.